What are the new hottest opportunities to invest in, and how would one go about it in the smartest way? 
Is now really the right time to invest? How to avoid bad decisions? Simple – by reading this free e-book.
»Even in cryptoworld, there are multiple ways of investing. Just like in the fiat world, the best opportunities are well hidden from the naked eye. That is why, in these book, we offer information on additional ways of investing in cryptoworld, aside from the most obvious betting on growth. With the use of those, the chances of achieving revenue are a lot higher than usual,« says author of the book, Mitja Vezovišek, wealth manager.

From the ebook: 
• Can we afford to ignore the cryptoworld?
• We already missed the Bitcoin opportunity, now what?
• Three ways of investing in the cryptoworld
• Who is not a good fit for cryptoworld?
• Cryptoworld in our investment portfolio
Mitja Vezovišek is one of the most renowned and experienced personal financial advisors in Slovenia, and one the rare people that can claim the title of a personal wealth manager. He is also the author of the hit book Personal Financial Plan. 
»Cryptomania, as the author claims, has truly become a world wide craze, and in this book I gained a clear insight into what it is that it's bringing about, and what I need to look out for. Just in the nick of time, so to speak. Thank you!« says Iztok from Slovenia.
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